Silikonverpackungen Trennpapiere Maria Soell

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We supply your silicone papers

Request us. Maria Soell achieves excellent results with its silicone coating technology. We can work with easily separable material but also with material that is difficult to separate. Our manufacturing site offers a wide variety of facilities and equipment, and we can supply tailor-made product structures adjusted to your requirements.

We help you save time and cost. We can provide PE coating and siliconisation of diverse base material as well as the most modern lamination technology and equipment. Our products and services also include wax coating on suitable equipment.

We give your imprint a lasting impression. Many of our machines provide a monochrome in-line printing capability.

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We supply the graphics industry, Roof & Wall, medical and hygiene industry, automobile industry, food industry, chemical industry, air and space technology and other industrial users.

We would like to learn about your specific ideas and requirements.

Silicon-solutions made by Maria Soell

  • Single or double sided co-extruded siliconized fleece with differential release properties
  • Silicone coating on different base materials such as
    • paper / PET → extremely tear resistant laminate + release
    • paper/ aluminium → barrier + release (on paper side)
    • paper/ paper → flexible thickness and customised mechanical properties + release
  • Thermostable, moisture resistant and colourable coatings on a great variety of paper substrates, which can be siliconized
    • extremely high temperature resistance
    • moisture barrier of almost 100% → excellent flatness, no swelling of the fibre when dispersion adhesives are applied
    • easy and controlled release options
  • PET films, siliconized on one or both sides
  • Release papers for aggressive coatings
    • butyl and bitumen compounds
  • Combined barrier and release properties
  • Release properties through extrusion