Our versatile silicone an packaging solutions are manufactured according to your requirements. One of our innovations is an environmentally friendly laminated film.Plotterfolie Maria Soell Nidda

Our service catalogue

The commitment to our customers is a matter of course for us, as is reflected in our service catalogue. It includes, among others, for our sales department: Thanks to the broad technological basis of Maria Soell, our approach to solutions is open-minded and together with our customers, we develop products with an optimum price-performance ratio. On request, our customers are provided with a periodical overview of inventory listings. In the case of complaints, we immediately visit the customer´s site and solve the problem in situ . We perform training seminars for the staff of our customers at their site. for our application engineering: In the case of new developments, our applications engineers provide consultancy at the site of the customers and on their plants and equipment. We perform tailor-made R&D projects for our customers – you can perfectly rely on our knowledge and experience. Our application engineers supervise test runs on the machines of our customers. An optimum printing process is important for an optimum packaging – our experienced printing technicians provide competent consultancy to our customers in the selection of flexographic or rotogravure printing. for our supply chain management: We offer free delivery. All types of orders (call orders or fixed day orders) are scheduled and organized in a way that the product is delivered on the date specified by the customer. In the case of extremely long replacement times, we stockpile raw materials for the purpose, in agreement with the customer.

Our R&D service

If you are interested in the innovation and further development of your packaging systems, we are always at your disposal as a partner. Thanks to permanent trainings, our R&D and application engineers are always up to date. This, and a long year experience in the production of flexible packagings and silicone papers, forms the basis for successful development partnerships with our customers. Our R&D engineers are assisted by an efficient laboratory team, which is well equipped for all matters concerning flexible packagings and silicone papers. We shall be pleased to attend you in every stage – by assisting in conversations with machine manufacturers or with your final customers. The earlier we are involved in your ideas and planning, the more successful our project partnership will prove to become.

R& D examples

Yoghurt top lids with many advantages

When it comes to top lids, dairy factories favour the „new lightness“. Saving raw material, resources and, consequently, costs is the main trend. In cooperation with the dairy factory, Maria Soell´s application engineers have developed a tailor-made solution, which stands its test on the equipment of its customers. The advantages of the light Maria Soell mono material (23 my PETmet) at one glance: The material shows a brilliant imprint quality with different printing processes. Compared to aluminium top lids, this material is pierce-resistant. The sealing wax can be supplied without chlorine and can be applied with all current pot materials. It provides a tight closure protects the delicate product. The top lid is of such a structure that it does not break on opening the pot. Thanks to its length, the packaging velocity is high and the set-up costs are low

The tight spot: laminate flooring

A stabilising layer consisting of kraft paper coated with surlyn, as developed by Maria Soell, makes laminate flooring all the easier. The right layer prevents the laminate from buckling and imparts stiffness to the panel. The problem of bonding a layer to a wooden panel poses a special challenge due to the comparatively raw surface of wood. In addition, the development process included a series of technical obstacles, which could be overcome to the satisfaction of our customer. For instance, material splintering due to sawing had to be prevented. Furthermore, it must be easily applicable to wooden surfaces and bond tightly to the laminate.

Difficult filling

The challenge for Maria Soell´s application engineering team consisted in developing a prefitted interior wrapping liner for a foldable carton, as ordered for a branded article. We have realized this project in cooperation with our customer and the machine manufacturer. For the production of the lateral seam liner, paper with an inside coating was chosen. The challenge in this project consisted in the material – 2.5 kg corn flour – to be filled in, which produced a lot of dust and was air-locked. The sealing seams had to be impermeable despite massive contamination and the liners had to fit into the folding carton despite strong airlock of the filling material. In a cooperation with our suppliers we could develop an inside coating which would safeguard an impermeable sealing despite strong contamination in the sealing area of the liners. The requirements as to the speed of the customer´s flow wrap machine could be met. A problem that seemed difficult to solve was the air escaping from the filling material. However, a solution was found in cooperation with the machine manufacturer. A specific perforation of the packaging material in combination with a special vibrating technology managed to guarantee that the planned outline dimensions of the folded carton could be maintained. Thanks to a close cooperation of all partners concerned, we were able to develop a packaging system that stands every practical test. This was an ideal case, which confirmed our understanding of customer-oriented research and development.