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Unsere Produkte: Der Zukunft verpflichtet

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Maria Soell silikonisiert unterschiedliche Materialien bei besten Ergebnissen. Wir beherrschen die Verarbeitung von leicht bis hin zu schwer trennbaren Materialien. In unserem Werk bieten wir vor Ort eine große Anlagenvielfalt und können passgenau die Produktaufbauten liefern, die Sie benötigen.

Zeit und Kosten sparen.

Wir bieten PE-Beschichtung und Silikonisierung vieler Trägermaterialien an.

Ihr Eindruck ist bei uns in besten Händen. Viele unserer Maschinen bieten die Möglichkeiten einfarbig inline zu drucken.

Erfahrung in vielen Branchen. Wir beliefern u. a. graphische Märkte, Dach & Wand, medizinische und Hygieneindustrie, Automobilindustrie, Lebensmittelindustrie, Chemieindustrie, Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik sowie andere industrielle Anwender. Maria Soell ist nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, FSC und Smeta zertifiziert.

Wählen Sie unter verschiedenen Aufbauten.

Der Papier- und Folienveredler Maria Soell GmbH mit Sitz in Nidda-Eichelsdorf bietet eine vielseitige Produktpalette aus Silikonpapieren und flexibler Verpackung. In seiner Schwesterfirma Maria Soell High Technology Films GmbH stellt das Unternehmen auch mehrschichtige Hochbarrierefolien her.[:en]

maria soell nidda frankfurt germany

Products: Tradition and High Tech

We specialise in the enhancement of papers and plastic films for the manufacture of high-quality flexible packaging and silicone papers. Since 1922, we have been operating at Nidda in the centre of Germany with a great amount of expertise and modern technology. As a family-run company, we adhere to a high set of values. We are a professional partner in projects and innovations thanks to a versatile range of products, modern facilities and experienced application engineers.

We provide our customers with versatile options for the combination of different processes and materials. We operate on an international basis with an increasing share of exports.

We are committed to the success of our customers.

Suitable release Papers

You can define the desired structure individually, since Maria Soell siliconises a large variety of materials. In our extrusion department, we manufacture our own PE laminated material. Subsequently, we provide siliconisation to many base materials and manage the processing of easily separable material to such material that is difficult to separate. The release factors, adjusted according to customer requirements, can also be different on both sides.

We siliconise on one side or both sides. An inline remoistening unit complement the range of products provided and their quality. Modern control systems allow a consistent quality and constancy of production.

Maria Soell is a supplier to e.g. the graphics industry, construction industry, chemical industry, manufacturers of conveyor belts, medical instruments, hygienic articles, automotive suppliers, the food industry, air and space technology and many more industrial users. We provide reliably and exactly those silicone paper bases you require.

Ready for Innovations

We assist our customers as a partner in the innovation and further development of silicone papers or packagings. Frequent training seminars keep our R&D team and application engineers up to date. An efficient laboratory team is well informed about flexible packaging and silicone paper issues and provided with highly modern equipment. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 , to FSC and to SMETA.We are pleased to assist our customers in all development phases. We understand the requirements defined by machine manufacturers, producers, wrappers and final customers. We find the right answers with our material.

The earlier we are involved in your ideas, the more successful will be our joined projects.[:]