Sachets for modern household helpers

First Choise: MS Houshold

For an airtight packaging of wet wipes, the laminate material provided by our MS Household line is your first choice.

In our everyday life we often apply one-use wet wipes. For instance, spectacle wipes, refreshment towels and toiletries such as shampoo or body wash are packed in handy sachets. Air-tight sachets guarantee their safe protection. Promotional sachets can be printed to enhance the product appeal. MS Household laminates are the ideal material for all these applications.

Our laminates are bespoke to the requirements of our customers. Our machines are able to laminate with adhesives, with or without solvents, and by extrusion. Standard material is readily available from our stock. Sachet width and length are adjustable and can be arranged for until shortly before delivery. Special sizes are available in flexible batch sizes. Small batch sizes of our paper/aluminium/Surlyn laminate are available at short notice. According to the specification agreed upon, the sealing layer is made of an extrusion laminate of PE or Surlyn with the required mechanical and thermal properties. Thermothen paper laminates are manufactured by extrusion lamination.

Our flexographic and rotogravure printing machines print the desired motif onto the laminates in up to eight colours.