Production technology

Maria Soell Anlagen zu Fertigung von felxiblen Verpackungen

Modern equipment provides high quality

The production of quality products requires a high-quality production technology and an active investment policy. Therefore, we invest approx. 5 percent of our turnover annually in production technology. This investment allows us to update our technologies at all times. The most important investments in the recent past have been a combined wax lamination and hot-seal coating plant including imprint options and inline-printing, a modern all-purpose laminator with an inline-printing station and a reel slitter with a winding control and an automatic reel discharge.

Our existing plants have been modernised in order to enhance the quality of our products. New drives and a new SPS control unit permit the exact repetition of series in a consistent quality.

The combination of different production plants, e.g. lamination with adhesives or glues including inline-coating, extrusion coating and lamination or siliconisation, allows us to effectively meet almost any product specification. This puts us in a position to comply with the highest requirements set out by our customers.


Our siliconisation plant can coat the most diverse qualities on one side or both sides. An integrated flexographic printer and an inline remoistening unit add to our range of products and enhance the quality. The most modern control technology permits a consistent quality and constancy of production.

Adhesive and lacquer lamination

Our highly flexible laminator allows us to laminate and coat all common plastic films, paper and aluminium films, sometimes in one operation only. Thanks to solvent-free and solvent-based lamination options, we can comply with individual requirements to the most different packaging.

Extrusion coating and lamintion

Our extrusion lines comply with the most sophisticated requirements. Automatic gauge control, integrated rotogravure and co-extrusion can guarantee an outstanding quality. Coatings and lamination of plastic films, paper, aluminium films and nonwovens are available.

Wax Coating and lamination

Single or double-sided wax papers are a traditional product manufactured reliably on our time-proven plants.

A modern, combined wax laminator and hot-seal coating plant with imprint options and inline-printing have recently been put into operation. This new equipment has closed a gap in our product range.

Rotogravuere and flexographic printing

Our rotogravure machines allow up to 8 colour printing in the best quality, also on both sides. The manufacturing range comprises heat-seal coating brought in exact register, which can be applied simultaneously with prime printing, in one work step.

Our modern flexographic printing plant with up to 8 printing units in a central impression cylinder combines highest quality requirements with optimum set-up times and production speed.

Reel slitting and packing

A great number of reel slitters with the most diverse equipment can guarantee a flexible and cost-effective packing according to your wishes and are tailor-made to our versatile range of products.

After a complete overhaul our winding machine 25 meets the complicated requirements of double sided siliconised material. We are proud of being able to manufacture challenging products to your satisfaction. The new digital control of the equipment allows for storage of parameter settings, which can be retrieved at all times. A consistent quality in slitting and winding your sophisticated laminated products is ensured. Thanks to the extremely sensitive adjustment of the equipment, it can slit and wind extremely narrow double sided siliconised paper (i.e. 12-14 mm), while the material on the wheel is prevented from telescoping.

This, in addition to the excellent knowledge of our operators, is the basis of our specific competence in the packing of double sided siliconised material. We would be pleased to assist you in planning your existing requirements as well as developing new projects.

We provide for a packing precisely based on customer provisions or submit professional proposals to protect your product effectively during shipment to your site and beyond.