Introductory day of the apprentices of Maria Soell

With 13 apprentices in seven occupations, Maria Soell is a very active training company. But the apprentices themselves are also active. They organized an introductory day for the new members of our team, in which all trainees enthusiastically participated. Read the report of the youth representative about the successful get-together day 2017:

On October 13, 2017, the new and old trainees started a joint excursion to the Liebig Museum in Gießen. The focus of this event was getting to know each other, the integration of the new apprentices, as well as the strengthening of the community, the cohesion among each other and, above all, a great dose of fun.

The morning started at 8:30 in the visitor’s room with a welcome by the management and a round of introductions of the individual trainees. We started the excursion in the famous scientific Liebig Museum in Gießen, in which we could impressively get an idea of ​​what learning and research in the past few days once looked like. After this interesting experience, we took a little break in the restaurant “Burgerholic”, where we also took the opportunity to share with each other. Well-fortified with tasty burgers, we continued our excursion and, as in the previous year, drove to Linden for the bowling center “Magic Bowl”. Once there we booked two lanes and formed teams. It was followed by a very exciting match, but also the fun in the round was not too short. After a tiring, but successful day, we returned at 16:30 clock at Maria Soell in Nidda.