Flexible packaging

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It´s your choice – we supply your flexible packagings

Coated / sealable qualities

We can coat paper, plastic films and aluminium laminates. Our versatile coating options provide processing, protection or sealability features. Two extruders, rotogravure and flexographic printing, a waxing plant and two painting areas can guarantee the production of these qualities.

  • Heat-sealable coatings
  • cold-sealable coating
  • peelable heat-sealable coatings
  • extrusion coating

Laminated films

Laminated films are multilayer material combinations of paper, plastic and aluminium films. The production of these qualities is realized by extrusion and adhesive lamination (solvent-based or solvent-free adhesives or glues).

Rotogravure and flexographic printing

The rotogravure and flexographic printing machines (8 colours each) meet the requirements of the internationally operating brands.
The selection of the printing method depends on.

  • the design
  • the material to be printed and
  • your requirements.

Wax papers

Wax paper production is what the Maria Soell company was founded on. Today, Maria Soell manufactures twist wraps and fold wraps with different wax types – covering the whole surface or part of it.

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