Facts and Figures

Committed to the future

We help you apply modern and tailor-made solutions to your packaging requirements and release papers. Ever since 1922, we have been operating as a paper and film enhancing company at our site at Nidda in the centre of Germany. Up to this day, Maria Soell is an owner-managed company with a staff of some 130 and an actual turnover of approx. 30 mio. Euros.

Both business areas – flexible packaging and silicone products – are progressing satisfactorily. This development is mainly due to our selection of interesting products, numerous innovations especially in the field of films, innovative applications and processes and our pronounced orientation towards our customers.

Ambitious to provide a large diversity and excellent quality of our products, we continually enhance and extend our production plants in a proper way and complying with highest standards. As a company concerned with sustainability, we commit ourselves to maximum energy efficiency and to climate protection. As a consequence, we have signed the Charter “100 companies for the environment”. We have modernised our ventilation systems, installed a heat recovery system, and adjusted the refrigeration system. The exterior walls have been insulated so as to optimise energy consumption and the temperature inside the building. A constant temperature secures the stability of production processes and improves the working conditions of our staff.

Facts and figures

  • Founded in 1922
  • 130 employees
  • Balanced turnover in the areas flexible packaging and silicone products
  • Specialist for extrusion, coldseal and hot melt laminates and for one and double sided siliconised material
  • 2011 foundation of Maria Soell High Technology Films GmbH (www.mariasoell-films.de) as a world wide operating specialist of multilayer high barrier films
  • Almost half of the annual turnover with “top-ten“ customers
  • Balanced materials supply policy: almost half of purchases with “top-ten“ suppliers
  • Present in many market segments of daily need, high-quality consumer goods, building industry and industrial applications
  • Considerable investment in tangible assets: more than 5% of the annual turnover
  • Important certificates as BRC, DIN ISO 9001:2008, SMETA, FSC
  • In demand worldwide: more than 30% of the turnover is due to exports