Invested in quality

The quality of our silicone paper is guaranteed! In order to leave nothing to chance, we have now […]

Maria Soell: Rollenschneiden und verpacken

Flexible and cost-effective

A great number of reel slitters with the most diverse equipment can guarantee a flexible and cost-effective packing […]

Extrusion aufgerüstet, We upgraded our extrusion, Maria Soell

We upgraded our extrusion

We upgraded our extrusion Our extruders produce the extrusion coated materials for our customers with the necessary barrier […]

Biodegradable laminates

The trend: Biodegradable laminates We are very proud to present and provide biodegradable laminates with a “certain […]

We have remodeled!

More and more people today use smartphones and tablets to visit websites. Against this background, Maria Soell High […]