Cooperation with a Spanish release liner manufacturer

Maria Soell and ITASA have joined their sales and production forces and decided to set up a joint growth project in the release liner, extrusion and water-based lamination markets.

Reason enough fort he local press Kreis-Anzeiger to inform their reader in the edition of 4.8. about the details (Link to press release Maria Soell in strat. Allianz).

The facts:

Maria Soell and ITASA agreed on 23.07.2018 on a sales and production cooperation. Whereas ITASA took over the formal customer position and became the official counterparty to any sales contracts and outstanding or newly placed customer orders from 23.7.2018 Maria Soell committed to manufacture the products under the sold customer relations for ITASA in Nidda. Maria Soell will continue providing its long-established and reliable production capabilities, technical expertise and in – depth customer service.

ITASA has been growing constantly. As the company is working on expanding ist global footprint, it also recognises that its main market remains in Europe. Therefore, the opportunity to join forces with Maria Soell, the well-established, customer-orientated partner in Europe’s largest market is key to ITASA: Maria Soell’s true dedication to serving customers with quality products, with the highest dregree of service, provide an excellent platform for growth.