Cold seal products

Kaltsiegelbeschichtung für Medizinprodukte und Pflaster

The cold seal materials of our MS Medical line

Your first choice for efficient plaster wrappers.

Some of their advantages are:

  • Plasters do not stick to the wrapper
  • Seal strength bespoke to customer requirements
  • Clean fibre-free opening

Thanks to customized peel values, MS Medical proves itself in case of emergency. Even children or injured people will find it easy to open the plaster wrappers. Our cold seal products can be sterilized and processed according to customer requirements. We provide extremely narrow reel widths. MS Medical also specializes in different cold seal products to wrap plasters. We laminate high quality machine glazed bleached or clay coated Kraft paper or laminates with latex-based or latex free cold seal, which form a strong bond at room temperature and with little pressure applied.
MS Medical also provides release liner product solutions consisting of silicone-coated papers. Base materials can be glassine, clay coated or machine glazed bleached papers. They are used as backing papers for plasters. Release values can be adjusted according to customer requirements.