Biodegradable laminates

The trend: Biodegradable materials

We are very proud to present and provide biodegradable laminates with a “certain something”. These films are biodegradable . They also contain a mineral oil barrier that is essential in food packaging. Our biodegradable laminates combine the natural product paper with biopolymers. (Read more)

Biodegradable materials with a “certain something”

Bioverbunde Maria Soell

Maria Soell provides biodegradable laminated films with a “certain something”. Our R&D staff have developed laminates that do full credit to the “eco” title.
They are biodegradable and heat sealable but also provide a mineral oil barrier that is essential in food packaging. Most food packagings contain traces of mineral oil that can migrate into the food. Biodegradable plastic provides an excellent mineral oil barrier and, if applied to the interior of the packaging, an effective protection from mineral oil migration.

One of our flagship products is a lid that has been developed in a close cooperation with a customer to cover ice cream cups. The uncoated face of the paper lid is lined with biopolymers. These polymers consist – at least partly – of renewable resources, are completely compostable and biodegradable, printable and weldable. Among the polymers are polylactic acid (PLA), polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), starch, cellulose, chitin or gelatine. This means they are natural products and compostable. Thus, our customers can benefit from the expertise of our R&D staff in the application of biopolymers in sustainable packaging solutions.